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Software ideas

Post by Joep »

  • Can you make the countdown time adjustable? Now it is 30 seconds, we hade some games where 60 seconds would have been better
  • Could you have a main screen with checkboxes to indicate what types of guns are being used? For me, we only used LTX guns, I didn't need the option "mega tags" or "medic", and I'm not sure I could play all game types with only LTX guns?
  • Help: I think it would be great to have a very complete guide to both laser tag gun types and game types. Pictures, videos, sounds and text could be used. I have never found a lazer tag guide online that included the different kinds of sounds the guns make, but this can be very helpfull for people who are playing for the first time. Even game types introduce new sounds (eg being hit in the zone) It would be nice to be able to play these sounds for all players before playing the game
  • Localization / translations: Have the software translated into other languages. I think many people will be glad to translate it into their own language, this can also help to understand different game types
  • Per game type, remember the last chosen options. I know you can save game settings, but when I configure a 2 teams game, then play an own the zone game and then go back to a 2 teams game, I expect the settings still to be as I configured them before.
  • Have some nice error messages for known issues, eg when disconnecting the command center with the software still running, it should show a custom error message instead of the runtime error. (but still log the complete error as you already do)
  • I don't know if this one is possible, but can you simply/quickly restart a game after the scoreboard was shown? So on the scoreboard there would be a button "replay same game", and the countdown would start again, with all the same game settings and the same players?
  • Also not sure if this one is possible, but when playing king games, could the kings be chosen at random? If I'm right, now it's Always the first player to join per team. But this way, the kings are already known by the other teams when the game starts? It would be nice if after the countdown ends, the kings would see this on their guns, so you only know your own king at this point...
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Re: Software ideas

Post by riley »

  • The countdown time is already adjustable in Tools->Options. 30 seconds is the maximum that the guns will handle, though.
  • I'm not sure I want to change the interface based on which guns are being used. I'll think about it though. All the guns are compatible with all the game types.
  • Help would be great, but it's low on my list. Greg Gaub has most of the sounds on his website.
  • Localization would also be great, but it will have to wait until after the major update I'm working on.
  • Good point on keeping the settings when switching between game types. As I redesign the game rules interface, I'll keep that in mind.
  • I'm working on a better interface for reporting communication errors and disconnects.
  • Because of how the guns and their protocol works, it's not possible to restart a game without everyone joining again.
  • Part of the major update I'm working on is making game modes like kings more flexible. I'll think about how kings could be assigned.
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