Lazer Swarm Command Center 1.1 Now Available

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Lazer Swarm Command Center 1.1 Now Available

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Lazer Swarm Command Center 1.1 is now available. Download it now!

Let me know if you find any issues.

1.1 (2014-12-09):
  • Fixed a crash when invalid rule preset files are loaded.
  • Added the ability to print the score board.
  • Added a minimal help file.
  • Improved error messages for problems opening XML files.
  • Improved how the add name command in the player list context menu chooses which player list to add to.
  • Invalid rule preset files are no longer shown in the dropdown list on the game rules page.
  • The reason a rule preset file is invalid is now shown as a tooltip in the manage rule presets dialog.
  • The last used folder is now remembered when saving and loading player lists and now defaults to the user's Documents folder.
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