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Save player profiles

Post by Joep »

I already read the suggestion elsewhere on the forum, but I'll start a new topic for it, since a lot of suggestions can follow for this topic.

The idea is that a player can have a profile that can be saved, and that can hold game statistics over multiple games.

First of all, you'll have to decide where to save the profile. Is it only local on the pc hosting the games, or could it be online? If it could be online, players could compare statistics online too. Ofcourse, it is easy to boost your statistics by hosting a game with another dummy player and just kill that player, game after game, to get a good score / ranking...

With an online profile, the facebook connection mentioned on the forum could also be integrated to this profile.

Statistics to show on a player's profile:
  • Percentage of games won with your team
  • Hits scored / received in all games
  • Number of games played / won per game type
  • Statistics per game type
  • Ranking in time
  • Average number of games played per week/month
  • ...
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Re: Save player profiles

Post by riley »

I definitely have plans for player statistics tracking. It's very high on my list of things to do.

Online would be difficult because I think a lot of people use the software on a laptop out of range of Wi-Fi. I'll think about how that would work though.
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