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LTTO/Deluxe rules - Scoring sufficiently balanced?

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:09 pm
by Chklnk
The basic rules for hosted play on Lazer Tag products give a player who lands a tag 2 points, and deducts 1 point from the score when the player is hit, correct? I've got one player who plays like a madman. Basically, when he's in the game, no one can beat him because the game favors berserkers -- or at least accurate ones, which apparently he is. I'd like to trip him up somehow because under these rules, he dominates the field at a 3:1 score ratio, minimum. So..

(1) Has anyone had success using Slow Tags with this kind of problem?
(2) How about Friendly Fire?
(3) Is there a specific tagger I should be handing this guy to handicap him? (We are currently playing indoors.)
(4) Has anyone determined that a -2 for hits (for example) would help level the playing field when there's a really strong player? (I realize this one is esoteric, but it's not impossible.)