Lazer Swarm Command Center 1.0 Now Available

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Lazer Swarm Command Center 1.0 Now Available

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Lazer Swarm Command Center 1.0 is now available. Download it now!

Let me know if you find any issues.

1.0 (2014-11-25):
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when renaming a player that failed to join the game.
  • Improved the display of multiline messages in the log window.
  • Decreased memory usage.
1.0 Beta 5 (2014-11-08):
  • Fixed the score board possibly covering the main window when "use a separate display" is enabled.
  • Fixed the game length input allowing invalid values for "Hunt the Prey" game types.
  • Added scroll bars to the score board that show when necessary.
  • Added "Drop All Waiting" button.
  • Removed team survival game types (2SRV, 3SRV) to prevent a crash because the scoring calculations for those game types has not yet been written.
  • A crash log is now saved to the desktop when an unhandled exception occurs.
1.0 Beta 4 (2014-03-31):
  • Fixed driver installer not working when the system language is not English.
  • Fixed respawn beacon not being sent during team respawn games.
  • Fixed communications not working after the computer resumes from sleep during a game.
  • Added scroll bars to the main window that show when necessary.
1.0 Beta 3 (2014-03-08):
  • Fixed taggers being unable to join games if they pick the same tagger ID as an already joined tagger.
  • Fixed players not being neutralized in respawn game types.
  • Fixed File->Exit not working.
  • Added slow tags option.
  • Added confirmation prompt when exiting the program while a game is in progress.
1.0 Beta 2 (2014-02-23):
  • Fixed a possible ArgumentOutOfRangeException when opening the Options dialog.
  • Fixed a possible NullReferenceException when taggers join a game.
  • Added more game types (2TTM, 1ON1, 2TRS, 3TRS, SURV, 2SRV, 3SRV, TMHS, and TMHP).
  • Added scoring for respawn game types (RESP, 2TRS, 3TRS).
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